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Are you a northwest Phoenix senior struggling to meet the challenges of aging?

  • Your health care needs have become complex and confusing.
  • You want to learn how to pay for care and what programs can help.
  • Your family lives too far away to offer the support you need.

Are you an adult child concerned about a loved one living in Phoenix?

  • Neighbors and friends have expressed concern.
  • You’ve observed declining health or memory loss.
  • You live too far away to ensure the best care.
  • You’ve had difficulty getting accurate and timely information.

If any of these issues are troubling you, an Aging Life Care™ Manager can help. Geriatric Resources, LLC, LLC, provides comprehensive support and care coordination that gives everyone peace of mind. Our concierge approach allows you to individualize the services you need—when and where you need them.

Contact us if you are interested in the following:

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An assessment and plan

If your loved one’s health is changing or you notice a change in personality, memory, or personal habits, it is a sign that an assessment is in order. With a comprehensive assessment, you and your relative will come away with a thorough sense of their strengths and those areas where they need more support (now or in the near future). Topics we address include the following:

  • Cognition (thinking and memory)
  • Safety of the physical environment
  • Family and personal medical history
  • Medication management
  • Medical records review
  • Mobility and balance (risk of falling)
  • Driving and transportation
  • Ability to live independently
  • Anxiety, depression, social isolation
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Advance care planning
  • Funeral plans

With these comprehensive findings as a baseline, we can make recommendations for next steps that mesh well with your loved one’s values and fit within your family budget. We can share our suggestions over the phone, in a video conference with other family members present, or as a written report.

You then have the option of implementing the plan yourself or hiring us to do so in the context of ongoing care management. Some families split the tasks and have us implement those portions of the plan that would especially benefit from the expertise of a professional in the field of aging.

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Ongoing care management

Depending on the findings of the assessment, you can hire us to implement some or all of the plan. For instance, some of our tasks might include these services:

  • Medical advocacy. Serving as a patient advocate, we attend visits with your loved one to be sure the doctors address all the concerns and that your relative understands and agrees to the treatment. We provide support for follow-up visits, coordination between specialists, and trips to the lab or testing services. (We can even have x-ray and lab techs come to the home for testing.)
  • Medication management. We establish a system that promotes your loved one taking the right medicines at the right dosage at the right time. We may engage helpful technology. Or it may be that an in-home caregiver is the most appropriate remedy, given other findings of the report. We also address how refills will be made and tracked.
  • Ensuring proper nutrition. From Meals on Wheels, to senior center dining or private delivery meal service. We look for cost-effective ways to be sure your relative gets tasty and nutritious food that adheres to the doctor’s recommendations (for instance, salt-free, or a diabetic diet).
  • Support at home. If the goal is to age in place, it may be that in-home caregivers become necessary. We can help you find the best home care in the Phoenix area. We can also provide oversight to be sure that your loved one is receiving all the care they need.
  • Arranging for transportation. It’s easy to become homebound and isolated. Working with local resources, we develop a plan that enables your loved one to get to the places they need to go (medical visits, shopping) and to activities that bring them joy (worship services, social clubs, get-togethers with friends and family).
  • Addressing social isolation and quality of life. Life is more than a string of visits with a variety of doctors. Looking at your loved one’s past interests and current activities, we put together a plan to help them stay engaged. In addition to transportation services, it might include setting up senior-friendly technology to make video conferencing easier, or visits from our Thoughtful Engagement™ Specialists for customized enrichment activities.
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Caregiver coaching

  • Do you need help with work–life balance? Juggling the demands of your professional and personal life?
  • Does caring for an aging parent leave you feeling anxious? Depressed? Burned out?
  • Are you stressed by the confusing behaviors of a loved one with dementia?
  • Is there disagreement between siblings about what is best for mom and dad?

You are not alone! Through phone or video conferencing, we can provide support services for you, the family caregiver. That may be education about your relative’s condition, proven strategies for addressing dementia outbursts, or referral to resources that will make the whole caregiving experience much easier.

Give us a call at 623-776-3098.
Or schedule a free initial consultation.

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24/7 on-call Peace of Mind program

  • Do you live in Phoenix with no relatives nearby? Who will help you if there’s an accident or emergency and you are rushed to the hospital?
  • Perhaps you are a family caregiver who lives far away. You worry you can’t get to Phoenix quickly if your loved one ended up in the ER.

Our Peace of Mind program is designed to provide 24/7 coverage in case of an emergency, so you know that a caring and knowledgeable patient advocate will come to the hospital no matter the time of day or night.

As an enrollee in our program, you receive a folder with all your important medical paperwork and a card for your wallet so emergency personnel know to give us a call. We arrive knowing your medical history, your medications, your treatment wishes, and who you want to have contacted in case of an emergency.

For the duration of the crisis, we will serve as your care manager, assisting with medical advocacy, explaining procedures and the pros and cons of treatment, contacting loved ones, and helping with discharge planning and the transition to home, rehab, or a long-term care facility. If you would like us to continue afterwards, we can. Or you can continue on with the Peace of Mind program only, and we’ll be there should another emergency arise.

To enroll in our Peace of Mind program, give us a call at 623-776-3098 or schedule a free initial consultation.

We will set up a time to meet in person, get to know you, and assemble all your records and paperwork. Then we will connect with you frequently to ensure that your records remain completely current. No worries that our information is out of date!

If you are looking for peace of mind when it comes to emergencies and to have a care manager at the ready—a group of experts who know you and your preferences—consider our Peace of Mind program. We designed it specifically so you won’t have to worry.

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Thoughtful Engagement™ enrichment program

Does the person you care for seem to be withdrawn? Perhaps anxious? Depressed? Has there been a recent change (widowhood, a move)? Do they have Alzheimer’s or some other form of cognitive impairment?

Do you worry that they no longer enjoy life?

Our Thoughtful Engagement™ program was created specifically to address that elusive “quality of life” component. You do your best to be sure they are clean and well cared for. But where is the joy? Enrichment activities are not easy to generate while also addressing mental or physical health challenges. You have your hands full providing all the support you can as a family caregiver.

Let our creative and compassionate Thoughtful Engagement™ specialists interview your family and your relative to identify their areas of interest and create unique, engaging social experiences that can enrich their lives and draw them out of their shell. (Visits with our specialists provide you with respite care so you can take a break, knowing your loved one is in expert company doing an activity that will truly engage their spirit.)

Ready to reignite joy in your loved one?
Get some relief for yourself?

Give our Thoughtful Engagement™ program a call at 623-776-3098.

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Long-term care insurance claims

  • Do you have long-term care insurance but don’t know how to access your benefits?
  • Have you tried to file a claim, only to have your insurance claim denied?

The claims process can be tedious. The slightest detail can cause a claim to be rejected. Let our experts review your policy and file your claim. We can even step in and appeal a claim if you’ve been denied. With expert testimony and the documentation required, we can make your best case so you can initiate services and secure the benefits you have paid for all these years.

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